Our colleagues are involved in the project management, design and delivery of the end-to-end infrastructure (individually designed cabinets and air conditioners) of the GSM-R [Global System for Mobile Communicators – Railway] Phase II project currently underway in Hungary, covering the whole country. We also provide ongoing maintenance of the air conditioning systems for the cabinets delivered to the sites.

In the case of a full system deployment, nearly 500 Cosmotec Protherm CVO1500 air conditioners will be installed.

GSM-R projekt:

MAGYAR TELEKOM – GSM base station cooling upgrade (subcontract)

Our company is involved in a cooling upgrading project for Magyar Telekom Nyrt. on a nationwide basis, at nearly 400 locations on containers at GSM base stations. During the project, our colleagues perform the dismantling and removal of the old units, the installation and start-up of the new ones. Newly installed and commissioned equipment will be handed over for operation after being connected to the controller and after a contact protection check. The project will result in more energy efficient and reliable operation of the customer’s base stations.

MÁV – comfort and technologic air-conditioners maintenance and troubleshooting (subcontract)

As a subcontractor, we carry out preventive maintenance and occasional repairs in the eastern and western regions of MÁV Szeged and Budapest. In the course of the activity we carry out preventive maintenance of 300 pieces of technological and 1000 pieces of comfort cooling equipment according to strict technological instructions and schedules.

Of particular importance is the fact that our activity also includes the Cosmotec cabin air-conditioning systems serving the passenger information system on the tram-train line between Szeged and Hódmezővásárhely. With the equipment involved and the GSM-R2 cabin air-conditioning systems, our company operates about 1500 air-conditioning units for the MÁV group.